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To begin with I would like to explain the one problem that people like you and me get wrong whilst trying to cure our bad skin. Our decisions and choices regarding acne treatments are blind ones because most of us haven’t got to the bottom of what actually gives us bad skin.The one theory that dermatologists believe is that acne and other forms of bad skin are created from a chemical in-balance with our hormonal system. This is why in most cases acne is apparent in teenagers due to hormonal changes in there body. Though it is also known that diet, stress, vitamin deficiency and evolutionary biology can also be a cause.Therefore instead of following treatments we need to analyse ourselves and our diets, fitness, metabolism and a whole lot more before we can go ahead and make a well informed purchase. This will then allow you to buy the right products for you, because from past experience the next person’s miracle cure does not necessarily mean it’s yours. Acne also attacks people differently due to the factors written above this means that some mild flair ups can simply be treated with strict cleansing routines. Though for others acne can be a serious problem and can actually produce scars. These people younger need active treatment products THAT WORK.Therefore you need to know what category you fall into? Consult your doctor because it is always hard to know whether your skin problem is a passing phase or whether it requires attention with appropriate treatment. This is vital because if lest it can be too late. If you suffer from a serious case consult a dermatologist otherwise if it is mild here are some prevention tips.Diet You need plenty of fluid at least 8 glasses of water a day this helps flush out bad toxins. Always try to avoid sugary foods and fatty food; examples are fizzy pop and saturated fat products such as crisps and refined sugary foods as chocolate bars. There is a definite need to eat five servings of fruit and vegetables to boost your immune system and to give your body nutrients.Cosmetics Always choose make-up that is water based and hypo-allergenic. Avoid heavy creams and make sure it’s oil-free. Ritually wash this off thoroughly every night. Exercise Regular exercise is a great way of building your immune system and keeps the body in shape. This eliminates toxins and allows the body to prevent even acne from starting.Hormones These play a vital role sometimes and I suggest going to see your doctor because he may suggest hormone replacements HRT etc. Clean skin Once or twice a week use an exfoliator this will unblock your pores off grease and dirt. Also make sure you thoroughly clean your face nightly but gently don’t scrub as this can dis-lodge your pores creating blemishes.Stress This can be a large contributing factor to bad skin so you need to get into a regime that allows you to relax and unwind. This is just a few tips you can follow to begin your fight to rid of that bad skin. A complete over 200 page free information website for acne sufferers can be viewed at the link below: FREE INFO FOR ACNE SUFFERERS

Wrinkle Cure and Antiaging Skin Care Tips

If you are looking for simple and easy wrinkle cure and antiaging skin care tips you can apply in your life then read this article.Lets face it, we all want to look a few years younger than we are. Its a fact of life.If you really think about it though, what we really want is to feel good and confident; and of course to be admired by other people. Unfortunately in the modern society that we live in today being beautiful has more to do with what people see and less about the kind of person you are within.Unfortunately aging and having wrinkles is not really something people can admire. There is nothing wrong with that, its just another fact of the modern life of today.Seems like everybody wants to look like the beauty models we see in the glossy cosmetic advertisements.So what can you do to turn back the hands of time just a bit?There are many wrinkle cure and antiaging skin care tips you can use to look younger, however im a huge fan of slow, safe and proven methods. I really have an issue with botox and cosmetic surgery. In my opinion, the negatives far outweigh the positives.Here are some my wrinkle cure and antiaging skin care tips. Check them out and if you love them, put them to good use. They have been an important key in my younger more attractive look.Here they are, enjoy:1. Get plenty of sleep2. Drink plenty of water3. Cut down on stress or find ways of managing stress4. Cut down on sugars, saturated fats and oily food.5. Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits6. Quit smoking7. Limit the amount to spend in direct sunlight